5 Reasons To Love Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

I love Mohawk SmartStrand Dupont Sorona Carpet and so do most of the people I know who have it. I searched around for some really good facts about why you should get it if you don’t already have it. We have all seen it put to the test in the many animal videos on youtube. You know the ones, with the rhinos and elephants. I love those too.

Here are 5 reasons I love Mohawk SmartStrand carpet:Wine Smartstrand

1. Environmentally Friendly

As the topic of the health of the planet is heating up I find that I’m getting more and more into being as green as I possibly can. Even if global warming were not true, could it hurt? Of course not!

3 points of being environmentally friendly:

  • The production of Sorona polymer requires 30% less energy to produce than typical nylon fibers
  • Greenhouse gas emission from the production of Sorona are 63% lower in the manufacturing process than that of nylon
  • The energy reduction results in about 1 gallon of gasoline saved for every seven yards of carpet produced!!!

SmartStrand also outperforms and outlasts competing stain-resistant fibers, meaning carpets made with SmartStrand don’t have to be replaced as often. And, that means less carpet piling up in landfills. Since SmartStrand is engineered with permanent, built-in stain protection, it doesn’t need any topical chemicals for stain and soil performance either. Less chemical manufacturing means a smaller carbon footprint.


Even the most terrible stains are no match for this carpet. Tests have shown that tough stains such as mustard, coffee, and even red wine don’t stand a chance against the built-in resistance of SmartStrand.

Dog SmartStrand

3. Pets and Children are always welcome on this carpet.

If your home is considered high traffic, and most American homes are, when you go with Mohawk SmartStrand you are getting the toughness, resilience, and strength to put up with your household. So relax and let you kids play, they won’t hurt anything.

PetSmartStrandIn fact this carpet triumphs in durability. After many tests Smartstrand demonstrates superior performance, and handles wear like a pro. You won’t have to worry about dulling or color loss for years to come.

4. Its so Soft.

Unlike nylon and PET polyester carpets that are topically treated with harsh chemicals to get there stain resistance qualities, Smartstrand is molecularly structured with engineered in stain resistance. And it is engineered with comfort in mind. Not using chemicals means that there are no stiff strands or rough fibers like other carpets.

5. It is a beautiful carpet.

It looks good in any room of the home no matter the design. You can find tons of different colors and it looks very sheik.

So, what are you waiting for, if you want a green, soft, stain resistant, durable, and beautifully stylish carpet, Mohawk SmartStrand is the way to go.


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