5 Incredible Fibers Used In Stanton Carpet

Finding the right kind of carpet can be a pain. So today we are going to take a look at Stanton carpet, more specifically we will look at the different fibers offered by this impressive brand.

Carpet fibers are important to you because they vary to a certain degree when it comes to comfort, stain and soil resistance, wear, and texture. Without knowing much about the differences in these fibers, one will have a hard time finding that carpet that will best serve their particular needs in flooring.

Below, you will find the different fibers that we are talking about today. All of these are very good fibers with different attributes. Let’s take a look and let you decide on the front runner:


Natural Fiber                                                                    

  1. Wool – One of the oldest fibers known, and has been associated with quality and taste for centuries. Wool can be dyed and retain color like a champion, and it is known for being soft and resilient. It has many benefits and works well in any home. Here are a few attributes and traits that you may not know about wool:
    • Wool is simple t keep clean because it has a natural barrier against dust and dirt.
    • It actually purifies the air quality. It achieves this by absorbing common contaminants and captures them, stopping them from going back into the air.
    • It is very fire-resistant, so much that it can withstand burns from cigarettes or hot embers. The burns will not mar the wool.
    • Biodegradable and environmentally sustainable fiber.
    • It repels water making messy spills, an easy clean up.
    • It has inherent thermal properties, which will more than likely save you on your heating bill.
    • Its natural resilience helps to keep its appearance looking great for years to come

Synthetic Fibers – Many people are afraid to go synthetic all though about 97% of all carpet is made of synthetic fibers, and Stanton carpet is no stranger to this. Times have changed though, because they are moving up with new innovations and techniques that have created some incredible carpets that will last.

  1. Nylon – Resistant to stains and soil, which is perfect for high traffic areas of the home. Because it is also resilient, it wears beautifully. It can be dyed using solution, and because of this it will be colorfast due to the fact that the colors were added directly into the fiber during its birth. Almost 2/3 of all carpet made in America are made out of nylon.
  2. Olefin – So strong that it is more often used for indoor/outdoor areas such as around the pool, garage, or patios. Why? Well it has an amazing resistance to moisture and mildew, making it the front runner for open air applications. Berbers are often made from this type of fiber, because it is easy to clean. Also unlike most synthetic fibers, it keeps minimal static electricity charges.
  3. Polyester – Is the most luxurious feeling of all synthetics, because of its chemical properties. It is used most in thick, cut piles of carpet. This fiber has an amazing color and is highly resistant to water soluble staining.
  4. Acrylics – The closest look and feel of wool as a synthetic. It comes at a much lower price than wool as well, making it kind of the “laminate” of wool. They too have a high resistance to mildew and moisture, which give you a lot of leeway when we are talking, basement and humid rooms.

With all of these possibilities in fiber don’t get overwhelmed when it comes to the decision. Just write out what you need in a carpet and select, but either way you go if you are looking for a quality flooring for your home, Stanton carpet is the way to go.


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