5 Great Design Ideas Using Cheap Carpet Tiles

Modular-Carpet-Tile-PinwheelBy now you have heard of the benefits of cheap carpet tiles, you know that they are easy to install, economic, and a joy to clean, but do you know what to do with them. Today we no longer have to settle with an underwhelming look to our flooring, and in this blog we will cover 5 design ideas using this versatile product.

But, before we get into it lets talk money!               

If you look closely online you are bound to find carpet tiles for a cheap price. The fact that you can mix and match your tiles makes it even more budget friendly, as you don’t have to worry so much if there is a limited stock number available for each style or color. So you are saving money while you are expanding on the unique possibilities that come from mix and match tiles.

The 5 Designs:

The Border
– An awesome thing that you can do is make a border with a darker or lighter color than the main area of the floor. This is interesting because you will not have to hire a professional installer to do a custom install. You also will not have to waste a ton of money by buying a lot more carpet than you will need. Take your measurements, draw it out on a piece of paper and go for it. In no time you will have a custom look without paying for it!

Carpet-Tile-Assorted-Package-BChecker – A really cool way to set up a family area. By alternating each tile, like a checker board, you can get a classic or fun look depending on your choice of color. If you have children you will take notice that they will love playing on these floors as well, and you don’t have to worry because unlike checkered hard tiles, if they fall they won’t get hurt because they are soft.

Shape or Figure – A fun thing to do in a child’s room or den, because cheap carpet tiles can typically be cut to make any shape, maybe of a favorite football team or dance logo. Just center the shape in the room and grab the tiles needed. Lay them out with the background color on bottom and the shape color on top. Draw it and cut through both. Then simply place the pieces where they go.

– If you really want to step the fun up a notch, go for an assortment of all kinds of colors and patterns. You will find a lot of tiles that are actually sold in random assortments and these finds are usually even cheaper! Just have fun with it. One rule I like to suggest is to make sure that if you wind up with matching tiles, and you probably will. Do not place them side to side as it could draw the eye.

Rotations – Many carpet tiles have a texture to them, whether a lined texture running in a horizontal fashion or a pattern of texture such as flower petals stitched on. You can rotate the tile alternating to achieve a very neat pattern on the floor. If the tile identical to its neighbor, by rotating it you get a low cost design that looks very expensive.

So as you can see cheap carpet tiles are amazingly versatile products that can fit any design you are going for. Not to mention if you aren’t happy after you install it, you can start over and not have to buy more.


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