10 Care and Maintenance Tips For Anderson Hardwood

anderson logo resized 600I love Anderson hardwood flooring, and I want it to last forever. We all know nothing lasts forever, but we can sure keep it looking showroom beautiful for as long as possible. Depending on the size and lifestyle of your family eventually your floors will show signs of wear, so I thought it would be good to give a few tips on care and maintenance to keep your floor looking great for as long as possible.

Tip 1:  Sweep and Vacuum

Sweeping and vacuuming on a regular basis will not only extend the life of your floors, but it will also keep them shining. If you do not do thins on a regular basis small particles will slowly work there way into the floors surface, causing them to look dull. Sweeping and vacuuming also prevents scratches on your flooring, by keeping control of larger dirt and debris that could be scraped across the floors when walking. Which bring me to my next tip.Anderson Hardwood Antique resized 600

Tip 2:  Take off those shoes!

This will do so much for your floors you won’t believe. Without an abrasive source grinding into your wood floors, you will never have to worry about scuffs. Because slipper and bare feet are pliable you will also take comfort in the fact that you will not be scratching the surface. Not to mention when you take of your shoes at the door you are stopping dirt from being tracked in, which can also cut down on allergies in the household.

Tip 3:  No Water!

Do Not, “I repeat,” DO NOT USE WATER WHEN MOPPING! Thisa can severely damage your Anderson hardwood, not to mention void a perfectly good warranty. Anderson and most manufacturers discourage use of water when cleaning wood floors. There are special cleaning products for specific floors, simply find one dedicated to your floor specifically that you like, and follow directions.

Tip 4:  Keep Your Pets Clean With Nails Trimmed

Not only will this prevent unsightly scratches from appearing, but you pet will be a happy camper too. As far as washing a pet, follow your breed standards, and you should be good. Animals can pick up all kinds of dirt while playing, also there skin and fur produces oils that can make your floors finish break down.

Tip 5:  Put Felt Pads On Everything

This is the only way to protect your floors from furniture indentations and scratches. You can find these anywhere and they aren’t expensive. As and added bonus, it will be much easier to clean your floors when you can simply slide furniture.

Tip 6:  Area Rugs

Area rugs are an excellent way to keep your floors protected. Not only are they protective but they can really finish a room up, especially if your wood floors are the same throughout the entire house, or if the home is an open floor plan.

Tip 7:  Close the Blinds

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are very damaging to your floors, especially during peak sunlight hours. It accelerates the oxidation and ages the wood prematurely, leaving you with a dull wood that looks like you’ve had it longer than you have. This also decreases the woods stain properties and causes fading, and in some cases a color change. The more exotic specie of wood the more susceptible to color change. So if you don’t want your beautiful Brazilian cherry turning orange, it is in you best interest to keep it shaded. Warranties do not cover UV related damage.

Anderson Hardwood Vintage resized 600Tip 8:  Keep the Humidity Level in Check

It is important to keep your humidity level between 35% – 55%. When wood gets to damp it can break down, it can also expand and contract if you are not careful. And gaps and buckling is never wanted.

Tip 9:  Clean Spills Immediately

Remove any spills with a soft cloth and a recommended cleaning problem as soon as they happen. You do not want liquid to seep into your wood. This can cause a lot of unwelcome problems later on.

Tip 10:  Clean with Care

When cleaning your other household furnishings people tend to use a lot of spray cleaner, wax, and oils. It is important to keep your flooring protected during when doing this. Most don’t think about cleaning on a molecular level, but just because you can’t see it floating around, doesn’t mean its not there. Use old linen or drop cloth on the flooring when using these products to prevent unseen residue build up.

That about wraps it up, if you have any further questions or comments related to keeping your Anderson hardwood flooring looking its best, post below and I will answer promptly. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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