Realistic Mannington Laminate Looks for Your Home


Mannington LaminateFlooring can be a little boring, unless you have fun with it. Today’s blog will focus on the fun part, great design ideas for Mannington laminate floors. I’m sure by now you have been through hundreds of ideas of what you want your space to look like when you are finished. Keep in mind though, that floors are a major draw to the eye when entering a room. Realistically you paint and install your floors first.

Given the many options available I would like to stress some key points of why I love laminate so much:

  • Easy to install.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Long lasting looks.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Mimic the look and feel of Solid Hardwood without the upkeep!
  • Mimic the look of tiles without the hassle of installation.Mannington Laminate Bedroom resized 600

These are great qualities in any flooring option. So let’s get to the fun part shall we, the design.

Mannington laminate comes in many styles and colors ranging from kitchen tile, to hardwood flooring. Whether it’s a classic style that has your mind racing, or the sophisticated clean lines of modern design, there is a laminate for you. I’m going to do a basic break down of design styles and pair furniture and color choices to complete the room.

Classic Design:  To me, there is nothing as classic as a dark wood floor, and Mannington can mimic this beautifully with their laminates. When it comes to the color choices for your walls, do not go dark as well. This has a tendency to make the room look smaller and there is not much of a color contrast in the room. This would not give your eye much to focus on. Pair the light walls with pattern furniture to give it a pop of texture. Traditional lighting and richly colored window treatments will add to the drama.

Contemporary Design: Try a lighter wood tone of laminate on the floor, this will open the room up to explore many contemporary possibilities. Earth tones are welcomed guest to this room’s walls, but if it were me I would match an accent wall with a wall paper to give the eye a treat. Try bright solid furniture, with multi colored pillows and throws for an added touch of comfort. And, for the finale track lighting to highlight the focal points.

Mannington Contemporary resized 600

Rustic Design: Textured surfaces go well with a rustic approach. Laminate tile would work perfectly. So go with a textured laminate, it will give the room an edge. Use a lot of metallic accents in this scheme. Darker wall colors typically look amazing with metallic pieces. Large solid color furniture and warm lighting will bring this design idea home.

Modern Design: You are going to want a Mannington laminate with a very clean look. A polished finish would be ideal. Wall colors could range anywhere in a modern design as long as they are strong colors. Use these strong colors to create focal points in your room. Creating a palette would be your friend. Match your furniture and treatments to the palette and your good to go. The furniture should have clean lines, with a simple, yet functional aesthetic.

Everything considered it is really up to you, but I hope that you will take away a few ideas.

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