Company Spotlight: Beaulieu Carpet of America

Every now and again a company shines through the rest, and Beaulieu of America is shining bright. Founded in 1978, they have worked their way up to the third largest flooring manufacturer and the largest carpet-only manufacturer in the world! They are a privately owned company with 5,600 employees strong, spread out over 26 facilities and offices across North America and the World, hitting sales of over $1 billion dollars a year.

Beaulieu Logo resized 600Beaulieu carpet is an amazing product and we are proud to have a vast selection in our store. Beaulieu of America (residentially known as Bliss Carpet) says that their secret to success is their emphasis on people, products, and community service. I think we could all agree that this is the golden rule of running a successful company. Training future leaders is of utmost importance amongst their employees. A healthy employee makes better carpet, realizing this Beaulieu associates participate in walk-run challenges. Giving back to the community is in their nature, as they are always the leading supporters of the Red Cross food banks in their areas. What an amazing concept.

As an industry leader, Beaulieu carpet has exceptional residential and commercial carpets

Beaulieu Carpet

available for a wide customer market. Beaulieu actually means “beautiful place” and they work hard to live up to that name. Bliss carpet is the brand that is directed towards the residential market, while Hollytex Commercial carpet focuses on the business end of things.

When it comes to the environment Beaulieu is a tough cookie. They are committed to protect the well-being of the

environment. So how do they do it?


Evironmentally Sustainable

Beaulieu’s approach to environmental responsibility:

  • They walk the talk, by using material, resources and processes that reduce or even eliminate the risk of pollution.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with all environmental laws and regulations.
  • They evaluate and prioritize investments in technology and innovation that result in sustainability.
  • All employees are provided with the appropriate training and encourage every ones’ input.
  • They verify green marketing claims through scientific standards including third-party certification.

All and all, this company is paving the way for a future world one day at a time. So let’s congratulate Beaulieu of America, on a wonderful run and we hope to see even more from you in the future. Thanks Beaulieu Carpet!

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