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Some of the most lavish and amazing designs go into Casinos. It’s no wonder that people vacation to places like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, because they are surrounded with lights and visuals they cannot get any where else. Hitting the eye with brightly colored décor and casino carpet are part of the fun involved in the games. There is nothing more exciting than watching lights flash and sounds ding as you play.

I will name a few of the top Las Vegas casinos and tell you a little bit about the designs and features:

Caesar’s Palace is one of the most famous of Las Vegas Casinos. World renowned, for its amazing feats of architecture, it aims to mimic Grecian design elements with modern twists. The floors are loud and playful. Ornate and abstract to a degree, walking around is a feast to the senses. It’s not just about the design, the food and entertainment are amazing.

Feeling-Lucky-Neon-Amusement-CarpetThe Colosseum at Caesars is a 4,296 seat venue that was originally built for Celine Dion’s, A New Day show. It has since hosted performances by many other artists. The gaming halls are a joy to play in and the restaurants are some of the best Las Vegas has to offer.

Planet Hollywood is an incredible location for a young trendsetter. Its approach to styling is modern and clean. After relaxing by the pool for the day, things really heat up in the nightclubs. While its focus isn’t really set to gambling, it does not disappoint someone who is looking for a chic and stylish getaway.

The rooms are some of the most trendy I have seen with bold patterns and colors from ceiling to floor.

Jackpot-Neon-Amusement-CarpetThe MGM Grand is next on my list for its esteemed luxurious approach to design. The Grand Garden Arena is host to live entertainment from some of today’s top performers. The casino carpet throughout this massive complex matches the décor perfectly drawing the eye to the focal points of its customers. Famous fights have been held here for many years and the restaurants are incredible.

Last but not least, the Golden Nugget hits a western note with its approach to Texan style of design. It features amenities such as luxurious rooms, restaurants, shopping, and bars. This is the ultimate place to wine and dine you and your friends on a vacation.

All and all casinos are very impressive vacation spot, beautiful from the decorated ceilings to casino carpet floors.


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