Best Cleaning Products for Laminate Flooring

Armstrong Laminate Flooring CleanerHave you ever wondered how to clean your Armstrong laminate floor like the pros do? Today we will be giving away all the tips and tricks the professionals use to keep their laminate in mint condition. We congratulate you on your purchase of your beautiful laminate floor, as you know all floors look amazing to begin with but that beauty tends to fade over time. Luckily you have chosen one of the easy types of flooring to maintain! Let’s keep it that way for years to come with these helpful tips. Below are all the do’s and don’ts of laminate maintenance.


  • Place a color fast mat at all entrances
  • Use felt floor protectors on furniture
  • Wipe up all spills immediately
  • Clean with Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate floor cleaner and microfiber mop.

By following these directions you will have an easy time maintaining your laminate floor; it can
look good as new every day! The mat will catch tracked-in dirt and moisture, and using Armstrong felt, floor protector, on all your furniture prevents indentations on your laminate. Immediately wiping up stains will prevent moisture damage. Cleaning with Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate floor cleaner will maintain your floor for years to come.


  • Do not use oil soap based cleaners
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or steel wool
  • Do not Wax or polish you floorArmstrong Laminate Flooring

Using oil soap based cleanser or ‘mop and shine’ products will leave a dull film, and using steel wool will leave starches. Also using wax or polish is not necessary, it can make your floor slippery or even sticky, making a mess and causing a safety hazard for all your family. By keeping these don’ts in mind while cleaning your Laminate flooring you will have a beautiful floor.

The best cleaning product for your Armstrong Laminate Flooring is most definitely Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate floor cleaner, to get yours today visit!

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