5 Inspiring Shaw Carpet Designs

Finding the right flooring for your business is always a challenge, as it directly affects the guest opinion of your company, specifically hotels. I searched the web and found some amazing carpet designs to inspire and rejuvenate your hospitality business. Like the pictures show there is a Shaw Carpet with similar appeal and style to match almost any of these designs. When guests walk in typically the first thing that they see is your carpet, and yes I always look at the flooring first. When it comes to lobbies and rooms it is important to “Wow” the guest giving them an idea of what is in store for their stay with you. These amazing Carpets will motivate and rejuvenate them as they begin their stay with you.


1. Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, CA

Hard Rock Hotel San DiegoSource

This super trendy room is sophisticated and colorful, and melding the two is never an easy task. The carpet is spot on as the colors flow, bringing attention to your surroundings. After you have been on business or sightseeing all day, who wouldn’t love to sit back and visit in this awesome “Rock and Roll” inspired room. So, pop open a bottle of champagne and enjoy the scenery. No need to go out, you have the night life already there.


2. NINE ZERO Hotel Boston, MA

Nine Zero resized 600Source

This room means business when it comes to contemporary. Simple yet elegant, if you are not one for color and prefer a more calm approach to pattern this room is perfect for you. This Shaw carpet compliments the rooms design perfectly. Kick back and relax in this refined and calming room.


3. The Hutton Hotel Nashville, TN

Hutton Hotel resized 600Source

A perfect example of the power of an area rug. This room is all about the paneling, from its beautiful floors to planked walls. Its Earthly color choices go perfectly with the wood tones, but without the area rugs to break up the monotony of the matching stains this room would be far less impressive. Casual comfort with an edge is how I would describe it.


4. Hotel Murano Seattle, WA

Hotel Murano resized 600Source

A pattern is not always required when it comes to a rooms appeal. In this room we can see that the carpet is not the center focal point. Because of the grey scheme, it allows the accent colors to pop, giving it a very fun and approachable look. Sometimes blending in to the background really pays off!


5. The Oxford Hotel Bend, OR

Oxford Hotel resized 600Source

The pattern in this restaurant located in The Oxford Hotel blends seamlessly into the environment. By using multiple patterns the room keeps the eye busy, however by following the same color palette the room is incredibly cohesive.

These rooms have amazing inspiration in their designs, which goes to show that Shaw Carpet is a versatile and stylish product. With so many different options to choose from, you can let your imagination go wild.



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