Why buy wood flooring for your home?

Wood flooring comes in a variety of designs; it gives your home a wonderful natural feel. WoodWood Flooring flooring has many species such as bamboo, oak, maple and so much more! Wood flooring is perfect for everyday use because it is easy to clean, and it’s green for the environment! We offer Wood Flooring from many distributors to give the customer as many choices as possible. Wood flooring is versatile, it sweeps up easy and it is beautiful for any room. We all want to take the first step to being greener, so why not start with the floor.

How is it Green?

  • Wood flooring is nontoxic
  • Made from sustainably harvested sources
  • Recycled sources
  • Or reclaimed sources
  • Hardwood is Biodegradable when disposing
  • Renewable resource

wood flooring Varieties

  • Ash hardwood
  • Bamboo
  • Exotic Hardwood
  • Hickory Hardwood
  • Maple Hardwood
  • Oak Hardwood
  • Pine Hardwood
  • Walnut Hardwood
  • Hand scraped
  • Engineered

As a note, maintaining a vapor barrier is important for your wood floor. Unfaced batts are thewood flooring best idea because, while you can use faced batts, this type of insulation is harder to keep up and doesn’t have rigid ends. Any loss of integrity will break the vapor barrier and make your wood floor insulation and the floor itself vulnerable to ground moisture. You can use plywood or lattice boards, but this will cost more for only slightly better performance. You can also use netting, but this can be a lot of work.

Wood flooring is a beautiful choice for the home, and we have a variety of types, species and subcategories. Not only can Wood Flooring give your home the feel of being in nature, but it also allows you to help out our environment as it is a renewable resource.

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