What is Black Light Carpet used for?

Black light carpet is not only perfect for commercial use, but even for residential areas likeBlack Light Carpet, Neon Carpet, Splatter Paint Carpet
kids rooms! The most common place you will see it used is in movie theaters, amusement parks, bowling centers, and family fun centers. What makes this carpet so special is the man made phosphor that actually makes it glow under a florescent black light.

A “black light” is just a light bulb designed to emit ultra-violet light. The reason these are called “black” is that if you look at the actual bulb it does not seem very bright (sort of a dim violet color), and if you put a black light in a dark room it really does not brighten it very much…the room remains almost black. These bulbs do emit lots of light however; it’s just that we can’t see it.

animal crackers small  87634 zoomSome materials have a special property allowing it to absorb ultra-violet light and then re-emit the light at lower frequencies that our eyes CAN see. This is called “fluorescence”. These materials are sometimes found on our t-shirts, jackets or shoes, and when we walk near a black-light they will seem to “glow” since they are translating the invisible ultra-violet light into easy to see colors, most often white.



Where to use Black light Carpet

  • Kids Rooms
  • Bowling Centers
  • Movie Theatres
  • Theme Parks
  • Skating Centers

What is Black light carpet?Black light carpet

  • Fluorescent material
  • Absorbs Light
  • And reflects
  • Giving you beautiful fun neon colors

To add a little fun to your home or business, get your black light carpet today by visiting georgiacarpet.com!


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