How can Shaw Carpet Beautify your Home?

Carpet is the first step any interior designer decides upon when creating a space, so whyShaw Carpet should you choose what the designers use? Shaw Carpet is the answer. It offers a wide variety of designs and styles utilizing every type of carpet.

This carpet is durable; it can handle all the average wear and tear of everyday life as well as the use it gets from pets and children. When you imagine carpet, you think of all the hassle you have to go through, the tough stains that just won’t come up!

But with Shaws new innovative designs carpet is much easier to maintain. Its lifetime lasts longer than the average carpet, giving you the benefits you want and need.

Shaw CarpetBenefits

  • Beautifies your home
  • Designer styles
  • Durable
  • Eco friendly – warms rooms
  • Reduces power bill
  • Saves you money!
  • Extensive selection
  • Perfect for budget keepers

Of all the benefits, the fact that Shaw Carpet can actually reduce your power bill stands out the most. Tests have proven that carpet with padding doesn’t just feel warmer, it really is! It insulates up to 17 times more compared to engineered hardwood, laminate and ceramic tile. Obviously carpet padding has a clear advantage in insulation capability over hard surface flooring.

Another tip, in cold regions of the world using carpet is your ideal choice! How so? Your savings will be greater!

Carpet feels warmer to the touch than any other type of flooring. The air at room temperature is trapped by the carpet fibers which act as an insulator. It gives you that invigorating dream of walking bare foot on a snowy day, without getting the chills. Don’t we all enjoy that? Carpet also has a low thermal diffusivity compared to other floor materials. Allowing your dream to come true on an everyday basis.

Shaw Carpet, the perfect flooring for everyday people, with an everyday budget searching for the carpet of their dreams. Buy yours today at!


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