What is Computer Yarn Placement Technology by Durkan?

Computer Yarn Placement Technology or CYP is the newest innovation in designing carpet.Computer Yarn Placement Technology Basically, it’s using a software to create designs for carpet that are more intricate then the mind can comprehend. The tufting pattern rivals woven in both appearance and performance.

Advantages of Durkan’s CYP

  • Eco Friendly
  • Available in cut CYP or cut and loop CYP Textured
  • 6 color standard
  • Available in 12 ft, 13’6” or 15 ft widths
  • Longer length/large scale pattern repeat available
  • 6 different base grades available
  • Less costly than woven imports

Construction Advantages

Computer Yarn Placement TechnologyFiber Durkan CYP Carpet is made with Colorstrand Solution Dyed nylon, which offers true color resistance to color loss from harsh chemicals, fade and bleach resistance, and crush resistance for excellent wearaility and longer life.

Density – When it comes to carpet density, woven carpet cannot measure up to Durkan CYP Carpet. Durkan Carpets have more stitches per square inch which means increased carpet density and improved performance.

Color & Design Flexibility – Whether you are looking for the right pattern or want to create a custom design. Durkan carpet offers many design possibilities with CYP carpets and has thousands of patterns available. Durkan CYP Carpet can be made in virtually any design.

Warranties – Durkan offers a 15 year wear warranty for CYP, in addition, for productsComputer Yarn Placement Technology weighing 42 ounces and higher, Durkan provides a 5 year CYP Spike-proof warranty Imagine the performance and appearance retention you can expect in a standard high traffic applications: Hotels, country clubs, theatres any place you can imagine.

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