Searching for A New Carpet Look for your Hotel or Motel?

When you walk into a hotel or motel, what is the first thing you notice? The carpet! You’re always seeing all kinds of new modern and even classic designs in hotels and motels. Seeing as how carpet is the biggest center piece for designing, if you’re wanting a new look for your hotel/motel getting new carpet is the way to go. Georgia Carpet offers the latest styles and patterns, making us the perfect place for all you business owners!hotel carpet

As you know,  color and design make the room everything it is, and since Georgia Carpet is a rising leader in the Hospitality Flooring Industry we know this fact the better than most. Our product line offers a wide variety of prints and graphics, meaning there is literally no limit to your creativity! To all the Hospitality carpet users, Hotel or Motel Owners: We can supply any color combination and yardage the meets your requirements.

What We Offer

  • Graphic Cut Pile Commercial Carpet
  • Pin Dot Carpet
  • Patterned Floral
  • Graphics for Corridors/Lobbies
  • Any color combination
  • Variety of Patterns
  • Custom Designs

motel carpet room

Have you ever been in one of those situations, searching the web, looking for the perfect color/graphic combination and it seems like it just doesn’t exist? We have the solution! If you find yourself in this situation let us know! Give us a call and we will meet your color requirements.

motel corridor carpetAnother plus about shopping with us, we also cut and bind the carpet for cove base in any width you desire. Also, if you’re curious as to how we did on previous jobs simply as us for a reference, we have several on hand for your supply. Hotel Motel Carpet from Georgia Carpet Industries can give your business that extra beautification that all business owners want.

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