Questions for your Carpet Sales Person

I know nothing about carpet! What do I do?

Buying carpet is an everyday thing that almost anyone can do, although many people tend toQuestions for you Carpet Sales Person forget to ask the right questions. To learn the right questions to ask your Carpet Sales Person to find the perfect carpet for you, simply read the questions below. These are suggestions you should keep in mind while speaking with your retailer.

Question 1: How will I know which carpet will work for my specific needs?
Every project will need special attention, and the process of choosing carpet can be quite difficult if you know nothing about it, that’s why we’re here! Give our Carpet Sales Person a call with any questions about your project, and we will be glad to walk you through the different options to help you find what will work best for you. We have found that the more educated a consumer is about their purchase, the happier they will be about their decision.

Question 2: Do you have Installers?
We all know the best place to look an installer is through your retailer. We do not have installers, but we do have a list of certified installers we can get you in contact with. The installers we will suggest for you are all professionally qualified for their job, going pro is the best way to avoid mishaps.

Question 3: What kind of padding do you recommend?
Depending on your home and the type of carpeting and you have , the answer will vary below is a list:

Rental Property and Apartments – 6 lb pad recommended

Stainmaster Carpet – Stainmaster pad recommended (3 additional years added to warranty)

Shaw 4 or 5 rated products–Premium Touch Pad (doubles warranty up to 20 yrs)

Berber Carpet – 110 Rubber Pad or 3/8 8lb pad recommended

Residential Carpet Polyester or Nylon – Any padding 8lb or better

Above are the simple questions you should keep in mind while speaking with a sales person, to learn more frequently asked questions, and other things to bring up to your retailer or installer, check us out at or read our blog posts.


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