Hospitality Carpet and Unique Styles

Hospitality Carpet comes in so many different types of designs.Hospitality Carpet
Basically, if there’s any type of trend going on, there is a type of Hospitality Carpet for what you’re going for. Whether its Cultural, Artsy, or even Vintage, there’s no type of style you cannot purchase. Use these latest styles and patterns by Durkan, to create a beautiful look that pulls together to make the entirety of your hotel or motel exceptional!

Our Hospitality Carpet line offers a wide variety of prints and graphics and corridors for wall to wall carpeting. Whether it is a custom design or one of our many running lines, there’s no limit to your creativity. Here are a few of the collections we have to offer…

Collections by Durkan Include:

  • Epic Vintage
  • Evoque
  • Verdant Exposure
  • Bliss


Hospitality CarpetEpic Vintage
This collection of Hospitality Carpet is inspired by original wall coverings from Astek’s archives. It has a balance between modern and classic. These designs echo vintage interiors all the way back to the 60’s and 70’s.


Contemporary flare and free hand designs come together to create this collection that reflects all kinds of design styles. From geometrics to art deco, influences come from abstract art. If you want a unique kind of Hospitality flooring, Durkan Hospitality carpet is perfect for you.

Verdant Exposure
This particular collection of Hospitality Carpet is inspired by the desert from Death Valley to Joshua Tree. These images are of organic desert succulents, cacti tree branches, simply converted into a unique design for your carpet. Representing the harsh environment and turning it into a playful realism. These designs revert back to a verdant oasis that only exists in nature.

BlissHospitality Carpet
The inspirations for this collection comes from a non-traditional historic pattern, watery color effects and intriguing line cracks were added for visual effect. The fusion of these patterns, effects and designers styles creates perfect Bliss.

Want to use these creative Durkan hospitality designs in your hotel or motel today? Visit to order now!


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