Benefits of Wall to Wall Carpet

If you’re searching for a safe, reliable type of flooring, choose wall to wall carpet. It has been found that carpet is aesthetic and affordable and it’s also a great way to save some energy. Wall to wall carpet covers the entire space with no gaps; this maintains warmth during winter months, as well as a cooler space during summer.

Another benefit would have to be the tack strip; it will maintain the carpets placing and will keep your entire family safe by preventing slips, trips, and falls.

wall to wall carpet 2Wall-to-wall carpeting helps with sounds and insulates rooms. The fibers in carpet actually absorb sounds and minimize noise “bleeding” between rooms. This makes it perfect for home theaters and children’s rooms. Carpet also acts as a cushioning, making it easier for toddlers and elderly people to walk on. Plus it lessens the impact of falls and reduces injury, while also lessening the chance of glasses and valuables from breaking when they are dropped.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet

  • Prevents Trips and fallswall to wall carpet
  • Insulates, for a balanced temperature
  • Reduces noise
  • Lessens impacts of falls
  • Can lessen the chance of glasses and valuables breaking when dropped
  • Affordable – many price ranges, colors and styles to choose from
  • Perfect for children’s rooms
  • Safe, and reliable

To see our unique variety of wall-to-wall carpeting visit Georgia Carpet and find the perfect flooring for your home!


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