Motel Carpet: Options when buying carpet for your Hotel or Motel

Whether you have a hotel, motel, a casino, or a club, floor covering makes a strong statement.

That statement must be unique—so you need plenty of design flexibility.

lobby hotel carpet
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What’s more, your hotel carpets have to be not only beautiful, but hard working and easy to maintain.

Hotel Carpet / Motel Carpet Features:

  • Commercial Grade Carpet
  • Available in Solids, Patterns and Florals
  • Does not show footprints
  • Most styles are tufted with either a Solution Dyed Polypropylene or a Solution Dyed Nylon
  • Installation methods – Stretch in or Double Stick, Glue down installation  – using a padding with skim on both sides

Many styles use patented technology that greatly enhances carpet performance and offers installation flexibility.

This system consists of processes that employ multi-layer and multi-density backings combined with our exclusive binder chemistry modification.carpet color poms carpet

This combination of construction and chemistry gives our Hospitality Carpet / Hotel Carpet / Motel Carpet its unique strength, flexibility and stability.

In addition, this high performance broadloom tufted carpet may be stretched in or direct glued to your floor depending on your specific needs.

Also offered is the Hospitality Performance Five Year Warranty that covers all items “that must never fail in performance” such as dimensional stability, edge ravel, zippering and delamination.

Now the decision in selecting the right carpet for your application is simple.

It’s Hospitality Carpet From Georgia Carpet Industries!


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