Decorating with Bold Neon Carpet Colors

Georgia Carpet Industries invites you to enter a bold new design dimension with ELECTRA-DYE an exclusive carpet system for special function rooms that are void of natural sunlight.

Our exclusive printing system for hospitality carpet installations where black light carpets add a bold new design dimension.

  • Nightclubsneon carpet blacklight carpet
  • Discos
  • Arcades
  • Roller Rinks
  • Bowling Centers
  • Video Centers
  • Retail Themes
  • Theaters

Now virtually any themed interior can be strikingly original – with carpet patterns that reflect the fun and spirit of each room.

The palette of 90 brilliant “NEON” colors presented here was created for the purpose of coloring Electra-dye carpet strike-off samples design you may create on a custom basis or by using any of our 3000 plus patterns.

neon carpet
These special colors reflect ultraviolet rays when subjected to black light situations. The result: SHOCKING NEON COLORED PATERNS!! To enhance A theme… printed on extraordinary carpet bases using the highest quality 4th Generation Nylon.

A special note: Electra-dye cannot be installed in any area where direct sunlight prevails.

When coloring strike-off, the color palette should be viewed under black lights. This is how the colors will appear on your final sample.


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