Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Hardwood Flooring

cleaning hardwood bruce kit terryAlways vacuum or sweep your hardwood floor first to remove all traces of dust or abrasive residues before cleaning. The grit acts like sandpaper and will do more damage to the finish than years of clean hardwood flooring bruce floor cleaner

Lightly spray a proper hardwood floor cleaner on a small section of the floor or directly onto a terry cloth wood floor mop. DO NOT wet-mop your floor. This may leave puddles of water, which can leak down between the boards and cause the finish to lift.

Wipe your hardwood floor with the mop, lengthwise with the floor strips using a back-and-forth motion. Finish one section before starting another one. Check to make sure no cleaner has been left on the floor, especially in the V-grooves.


  1. Sweep regularly to remove sand & abrasive dust!
  2. Use doormats at all entrances to catch and prevent sand from getting onto your hardwood floor.
  3. Use a rug in front of your kitchen sink.
  4. Use floor protection under all furniture legs and rigid pads to distribute weight.
  5. Proper hardwood floor care includes maintaining a relative humidity as close as possible to the year round average in your geographic region. Hardwood is a living substance which reacts to changes of relative humidity. It absorbs or releases humidity according to seasons. Consequently, its dimension changes. In summer, when humidity is at its highest, moisture is absorbed by the wood causing it to expand. These variations can be minimized with proper ventilation, dehumidifying or heating. In winter, on the other hand, when the heating system is on, the relative humidity level in the house is much lower. It is then recommended to use a humidifier, in order to minimize extreme shrinkage effects.
  6. Leave your high heel shoes at the door. Damaged or worn high heels may expose a metal tip which will certainly damage your hardwood floor.
  7. Trim your pet’s nails.

cleaning hardwood flooring armstrong cleaning systemAlways use proper hardwood floor cleaners! Most manufacturers have their own brand of cleaning products.

Using these basic guidelines on how to clean & maintain your hardwood floors and they will last many years without refinishing.




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