Solid Wood Flooring Benefits

Solid wood flooring refers to hardwood flooring made from one solid piece of lumber.

Solid wood is available in a variety of sizes and species ranging from pine to Brazilian cherry.solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring is a great product. It can be fully customized and cut to your specifications.

You can choose a species of wood and finish to match your decor.

One prerequisite for solid wood flooring is that it can’t be near any moisture.  Because it is one piece of solid wood, if any part of it is exposed to harsh elements, it will warp and your new floor will be ruined.

  • Solid wood flooring cannot be applied in basements or other potentially damp environments
  • Acclimation –  let the wood set to meet the balance of the room (see manufacturers recommendations)
  • No humidity
  • Is no more durable than engineered wood flooring
  • Can be sanded 1-3 times


solid wood flooring



Also, solid wood floors must be nailed down.  They cannot only be glued down to the floor.  This means that you must also have plywood as an underlayment.  The solid wood gets hammered into the plywood which makes a solid connection for a secure floor.

Although you must be careful where you install it, there are many benefits to solid hardwood flooring.



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