How to clean hardwood floors

How to clean hardwood floors

How to clean hardwood floors. Your hardwood flooring is installed and your house finally feels like a home. But how do you care for your new investment? We will explain in detail below.

  • Sweep (regularly)bona hardwood flooring dusting pad
  • Vacuum (with no beater bar)
  • Terry cloth mop (for deep cleaning)

Bona hardwood Cleaning clothSweeping away dirt will keep hardwood looking clean, while vacuuming using a vacuum without a beater bar allows you to get into the cracks and hard to reach places. Deeper cleaning techniques vary depending on the installation and finish of your hardwood floor. For “Finish in Place” hardwood flooring, using an 8”x14” terrycloth mop with a rotating head that makes cleaning corners, under cabinets and along base boards as simple as pie is recommended.


  • Do clean sticky spots with a towel or sponge
  • Do minimize water exposure and clean spills immediately
  • Do use cleaners that won’t leave a film or residue


  • Don’t wax a wood floor with a urethane finish.Bona Hardwood Floor cleaning Mop
  • Don’t use ammonia cleaners or oil soaps on a wood floor — they’ll dull the finish and affect your ability to re coat later.
  • Don’t wet mop or use water to clean your floor (wood naturally expands when it’s wet and can cause your floor to crack or splinter).

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