How To Choose The Best Type of Carpet

How To Choose The Best Type of Carpet

In today’s market, there are hundreds if not thousands of different options available for you if interested in re-carpeting your home. The process can be a little confusing even overwhelming. It may help to know how to choose the best type of carpet.

We will give you a general idea of what is available and you can choose what type will best suit your needs. This way the process becomes very easy.

In the marketplace there are three main types of residential carpet offered: Cut pile, loop pile (berber), and cut loop. You may ask what are these and how do they compare. Here are the answers….

Cut pile carpeting

  • Most commonly used in America
  • Three textures: plush, textured saxony, and frieze

plush carpet Cambric TeaPlush Carpet has a dense and uniform appearance which you would use in a more formal area of your home.

Textured Saxony Carpet has a more random and irregular texture and can be used in any place in the home. frieze carpet

Frieze Carpet is the least formal of the three and has a ‘curly’ texture. It receives it’s look from highly twisted yarn giving it a high durability.

berber carpet jakes gemBerber Carpeting

  • Constructed of thicker yarn
  • Best suited for areas that are informal
  • Can be beautiful for any room of your home

However, one important issue worth mentioning about this type is that seaming can be a task for even the most seasoned installer. Seems will be more likely to show in most cases but loop cut loop 20300 Central Parkin varying degrees because of the short bap and thicker yarn.

Loop Cut Loop/ Cut Uncut Carpeting

  • Easily adds personality to a room
  • Many varieties of patterns
  • Basic square, large luxurious vine patterns, animal patterns
  • High quality and durability

We hope now you know how to choose the best type of carpet.

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