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The Benefits of Artificial Turf 0

The Benefits of Artificial Turf

Summer time is the worst! I’m not talking about the the constant warmth and relaxing by the swimming pool. I’m referring to the constant upkeep and yard work involved during this seasonal weather. Watering, mowing, weed eating, and trimming are...


Hardwood Flooring In the Bedroom

Time and time again we find ourselves stuck in big deal decisions. Today we will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of choosing hardwood flooring for your bedroom. Being a solid contender for flooring in general, it is America’s...

Vinyl Flooring For Your Home? 0

Vinyl Flooring For Your Home?

Vinyl Flooring has really turned a corner in the flooring industry, but is it right for your home? Today, we will discuss all of the great things about Vinyl flooring, explain how it is made and give you a better...