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3 Big Benefits of Carpet Tiles!

Carpet tiles aren’t talked about too often, but they are everywhere we look. They often pass for high end wall to wall carpet because of the intricate patterns, colors and textures. They can either be an attention grabbing conversational floor...

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The Truth About Carpet Allergies

A big turn off to a lot of people about carpet is the allergies that come with it. But I ask you, what exactly causes carpet allergies?  Simply put, nothing. A properly maintained carpet does nothing to you speaking from...

6 Reasons Why Bamboo Flooring Works! 0

6 Reasons Why Bamboo Flooring Works!

Seems like no matter how you look at it, Bamboo flooring is an incredible option for most homes. People love the spotted look of bamboo, but beyond that it comes with some really good benefits and qualities. It is very...