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Shaw Laminate Flooring Tips 1

Shaw Laminate Flooring Tips

Tips on how to keep you Shaw laminate flooring as good as new: Always us a damp cloth on Shaw laminate flooring to blot up spills as soon as they rear their ugly faces. If you allow liquid to stand...


Quick Pros and Cons of 3 Domestic Hardwood Species

Domestic hardwood species come in all kinds of patterns, shapes, colors and grains. American homeowners love hardwood flooring, but when it comes to domestic hardwood species, do they know the difference? Today we will be taking a look at several...

Carpet Tiles 0

3 Big Benefits of Carpet Tiles!

Carpet tiles aren’t talked about too often, but they are everywhere we look. They often pass for high end wall to wall carpet because of the intricate patterns, colors and textures. They can either be an attention grabbing conversational floor...