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5 Hospitality Tips to Happy Hotel / Motel Guests! 0

5 Hospitality Tips to Happy Hotel / Motel Guests!

Being someone who doesn’t really do a lot of travel unless it is business related, I really take into consideration my overnights in Hotels and Motels. Although I’m no expert, I would like to take this opportunity to speak from...


Why Does Hardwood Flooring Seem Expensive?

Hardwood flooring can be very expensive, so let us do a little research on the reasoning behind the expense of hardwood flooring prices. This whole process begins with a natural tree, which is then cut into logs, followed by being cut into...


Quick Pros and Cons of 3 Domestic Hardwood Species

Domestic hardwood species come in all kinds of patterns, shapes, colors and grains. American homeowners love hardwood flooring, but when it comes to domestic hardwood species, do they know the difference? Today we will be taking a look at several...