How Should You Store Unused Hardwood Flooring?

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4 Responses

  1. flooringwarrington says:

    Wow what a good article. People rarely advise on this however it is really important to store wooden flooring correctly. I fit floors for a living and there is nothing worse that warped boards for trying to get a tight fit.

  2. emma099 says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article! I like the helpful information you provide in your blog articles.I enjoyed your helpful information about hardwood flooring . awesome work.

  3. N. Worthington says:

    I have some oak boards that have been used as kitchen counter tops ,has been covered with urethan for the past 30 + years recently recovered these as the house is bing pushed down. Can I store them on there side without damage ? I don’t have space to rack them in a controlled environment

    • Jeff Ellis says:

      To N. Worthington,
      Depending upon the amount, I would put it in a closet in my house or in the garage. Preferably a place where the temperature stays somewhat mild and there is low humidity. If you have any questions or concerns call me.

      Thank you,
      Jeff Ellis
      Georgia Carpet Industries
      706-277-2330 ext. 5499

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