3 Hot and Functional Flooring Picks for Kitchens

Whether you are looking for style or functionality, today I’m bringing you my 3 favorite flooring types for a kitchen!


3 Favorite Kitchen Floors

Hardwood Flooring – This is the bread and butter of a modern designer kitchen, a timeless classic that is as appealing to the eye as it is to the functionality. In the past many have counted hardwood flooring out be cause of the water related appliances that make a kitchen function. This is not to discredit water concerns, but how often do you get water everywhere in a kitchen?

I’m guessing less prominently than the spills you have encountered in a living room. For this reason I say that it is time to take hardwood flooring off of the “no fly in a kitchen” list. Homeowners prefer hardwood flooring for their clean lines, natural colors and richly detailed grain patterns.

Anywhere from an exotic Mediterranean design to a traditional domestic hardwood, your kitchen will have the potential to conform to many different design aesthetics when you bring hardwood flooring into the mix.


Luxury Vinyl – Achieving high end looks with luxury vinyl tile or plank is very easy, and this type of flooring in a kitchen is more than common. Installing these items yourself is an excellent way to save some money on your flooring. It is also 100% waterproof, making it a viable option to run throughout your home beyond the kitchen as well. The textures of luxury vinyl really mimic the texture of real stone or hardwood flawlessly.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring – While less appealing from a design perspective due to limitations in texture, vinyl sheet flooring shines in the ease of installation and durability department. But even though I said less appealing, it doesn’t mean that there are not incredible styles available, you will just have to look through a lot of junk to find the golden ticket so to speak.

Surprisingly enough, vinyl is making a huge comeback thanks to brands like Tarkett, Karndean and Earthwerks.

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